Spire CD Release Party

Another great night at The Lost Horizon! Spire recently released their new album Structures of the Universe and killed it at the release party. The album itself is a masterpiece. Composed intricately and executed precisely. Spire has been together for about 14 years and have grown with each of their efforts. These guys are a force in the Syracuse music scene. If you haven’t had a chance to catch them live I highly recommend it.

You can find them here and follow them on Facebook.

Ebony Sorrow
Ebony Sorrow

Ebony Sorrow is another local monster that has been rocking the scene for quite some time. Armed with their new guitarist Robb Fisher they have a great lineup and can melt your face with their intense riffs and great energy

Find out more about them on Facebook

Stone Thrower

Stone Thrower has more energy than I have seen in a band in a long time. Hailing from Verona and kicking your ass!